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List of FAQ's

Why are Hill Green Lawns different?

- The quality of our installation – we always add an aggregates sub-base.

- We include removal of waste within our price. back to list

Is Maintenance necessary?

A key advantage of our artificial grass is that it is virtually maintenance free. All we recommend you do is keep debris, leaves and pet mess off the synthetic surface – simply brush or blow these off. Then enjoy the long lifetime of your new artificial lawn. back to list

Where can I use your artificial grass products?

Lawns, balconies, patios, inside conservatories, children's play areas, roof top terraces and swimming pools are probably the most popular applications. Our artificial turf products are also used at exhibitions and corporate events. back to list

Can it be installed on any surface?

Yes. We can lay the artificial grass onto most surfaces. Turf, soil, concrete , tarmac, balconies, decked areas , paving, roof terraces and sloping areas. back to list

What kind of base do you use?

Hill Green Lawns always lay a sub-base which consists of a type 1 limestone aggregate. Limestone is the most porous type of aggregate and combined with a layer of sharp sand will ensure a stable and free draining base. The aggregate base is especially important if play equipment or trampolines are being used. back to list

What about drainage?

Water simply drains straight through as the synthetic grass has a holed backing. back to list

Does the product fade from the sun?

No, during the manufacturing process the grass is UV stabilized which will ensure that fading does not occur. All our products have an 8 year no fade guarantee. back to list

Do they come with any guarantee's

All our workman ship comes with a 2 year guarantee.

The following are not covered under our guarantee.

General misuse, piercing, subsoil movement, staining, acts of nature, acts of pets, airborne pollination, deep bulb/foliage/weed growth due to seeds on top of the grass, Bine weed/Japanese knot weed, burn marks, paint staining & general wear & tear. back to list

Is artificial grass expensive?

Artificial turf does indeed require a fair investment but this needs to be viewed in the long term but artificial turf is considerably lower if not zero maintenance than for natural grass, as a result of cheaper, less intensive maintenance, the possibility for multifunctional use and the constant availability for play, artificial turf offers a higher 'return'. If you add the valuable space you can save to that, then you see that the return on the investment is very high. back to list

Will puddles stay on the artificial turf pitch?

The following are not covered under our guarantee.

Water permeability is one of the advantages an artificial grass pitch has over a natural grass pitch. First and foremost small holes are stuck in the artificial-grass backing to allow the water to drain through to the subsoil. The subsoil, moreover, consists of highly absorbent materials such as crushed rubble, gravel or a mixture of mineral matter. During heavy downpours the base is able to 'store' excess water and allow it to seep through slowly to the in-built draining pipes. All of the above enables the artificial turf to be kept in good working order. back to list